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. they argue both hamas, since they make customers pay income taxes to pay interest, the customers are paying twice this income tax. and they've never denied denied this. i've always said is a subtle matter. it's over. be careful to never denied that they pocketed all this money. the second part is the utility companies often have a holding company structure. so you have your local utility for water and natural gas, but it's increasingly owned by companies in spain and france because rules are favorable to make a profit. companies mostly i prefer money. utility makes a profit of 11% after taxes pay the company. makes it dirty%. and those taxes charge at the highest possible rate, in many cases never get to the government. not a ten-year limit the interest of the billion dollars, but the holding company set up a mechanism market the money. when i expose this in 2002 to "the new york times," oregon passed a law that said give it to the government or give it back to the customers. general electric, no problem. northwest natural gas, no problem. one by warren buffett went to the legislature and s
in washington as anacostia what has been written about his later life. estimate the hamas called cedar hills. is it still here? >> actually to read in the early 1970's frederick douglass site opened and the flagship side of the national park service has over 40 or 50,000 visitors every year. its high of on the hill and the u.s. capitol dome for the right it is really an amazing majestic view and it's open seven days a week, and the curator of the douglas contributed forward and this was important to me, too to make this book not just kind of -- to make active living histories of people that read the book if they've never been to the douglass house would say i want to go over there or if they haven't been there for a few years they can go back over and kind of revisit. >> he is the curator of the douglass house. >> he was the curator for many, many years. a very well-respected kind of a douglass community, and then dr. clifford who was the university archivist at the house contributed the foreword. john muller is the author of frederick douglass and washington, d.c. the line of anacostia. tha
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2